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Cygnus Widefield Area Featuring the Norh American Nebula

Cygnus Widefield
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Brief Image Description: This is a image of approximately 48 x 66 degrees of the Milky Way in the Cygnus Constellation. Note the North American Nebula slightly to up and right of center. This is my first widefield image and was taken with the camera mounted on top of my main telescope. See image details and issues below.

Image Details:

Lens = Nikon 20mm f2.8

Camera = Canon 20D Hutech Modified (Clear Filter)

Mount: AP1200 (Piggyback)

Guiding: FS-60C w/ ST402XME

2005-10-01/02                        9:21 PM-12:29 AM

Location: Lockwood Valley, CA

FOV = Approximately 48 x 66 degrees


Exposure: 3 minutes x 49 frames = 147 minutes


ISO 1600

RAW mode

Focus – manually during daylight



ImagesPlus – Conversion to 16 bit FITs, Dark calibration, Alignment, & Sigma Combine

Photoshop CS2 – Curves, Levels, Saturation

Image Issues: The stars in the corners are not round, especially in the upper left corner. There are several possibilities that I am investigating including, lens coma, lens adapter squarness, and focusing lens element orthogonality. Setting black levels in the RBG channels is difficult and I will be investigating better and easier methods to balance the three black levels. I will be looking for better methods of processing to emphasize the nebulaes. I will also be working on better methods of calibrartion of the raw files including better dark capture, amp glow darks, and flat frames. I will also be working on calibration techniques before BAyer filter application. Please send me an e-mail if you have suggestions along these lines or any other issues.
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