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CCD Chip Comparisons
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Below you see a screenshot from the CCD Chip Comparison File.
CLICK the LINK below to load the Excel file.
The file contains several worksheets with comparisons of several popular SBIG camera chips as well as size comparisons and some other comparison data. The data was copied from the SBIG and Kodak sites and retyped in Excel to allow a "same scale" comparison. I make no claims as to the accuracy of the data. I did try to ensure that I didn't make an data translation errors. Please e-mail me if you find any errors or have constructive comments. I hope this data helps your understanding of various CCD chip performance. It helped me make decisions relative to which camera to buy.
Enjoy, Rick

"Click Here To Download Full File"

Sample Screenshot of CCD Chip File
The file contains QE plots, Chip size comparisons, Resolution comparisons, and Other comparisons

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