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M101 with color adjustments - Click for enlargemen

Click Image For Higher Resolution


Data recorded 2005-03-12 @ Loockwod Valley, CA

Camera - ST10XME, CFW8A filter wheel with Astrodon filters

OTA - AP 155EDF with field flattener; Mount - AP1200

Lum 4x 20 minutes 1x1 binning

RGB 4 x 20 minutes 2x2 binning (1 red frame lost to airplane track)

Darks, flats, hot & cold pixel repair in CCDSoft

Debloomed with Wodaski Debloomer in CCDSoft

Aligned with Registar

Lum median combined in CCDSoft, LRGB in PS

Levels, curves, Gaussian blur and Unsharp mask in PS CS


Color layer has 30% color saturation.

Top and second image have major boost of color in blue and red.

Bottom image has no color changes other than saturation.


Suggestions for improvement highly encouraged.

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Color before color adjustment

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