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Here are some pictures of my equipment and imaging setups.

Below is a picture of my FSQ setup.
The bottom plate is Losmandy DUP. The rings are standard Parallax 114mm rings drilled for AP pattern. The riser blocks are the Losmandy AP riser blocks on top and bottom (to allow FSQ parts clearance). The devices on top of the upper riser blocks are Losmandy universal adapters. They make the top of rings become a virtual dovetail saddle. I can then place anything mounted on a dovetail plate as piggyback on top of the FSQ. In this case, I have my standard FS60C guider setup. I like the large rings with adjuster screws because it gives me great flexibility in setting up guide stars. These large rings are Losmandy 125mm guide rings. I have used this setup frequently and it works very well.

Here is my standard FSQ w/ FS60C Guider setup

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