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Double Cluster in Perseus
Taken from Lockwood Valley, CA


Click on image for higher resolution

Location:      Lockwood Valley, CA

Time:            2005-11-29

OTA:           AP 155 EDF w/ Field Flattener

Mount:         AP 1200

Camera        SBIG STL11k, Internal Filter Wheel, Astrodon Filters

Guider          SBIG ST402XME on Tak FS-60C

Focusing:      Robofocus and FocusMax

Capture:       CCDSoft

Processing:   Ray Gralak’s Sigma (PreBeta 11), Registar, PhotoshopCS

Exposure:     RGB 5 x1 0 Min each filter
FOV:           Approximately 114 x 76 arcminutes before slight cropping
Imaging Conditions: FWHM > 3.0 all night, heavy air moisture

Here is a snapshot of M13. I took one 5 minute frame for each RGB filter with my ST10XME, combined in Maxim, and basic processing in Photoshop. I think it turned out well considering the short exposure.


Click the image above to see the full frame enlarged.

Click the image below to see a central area enlargement.


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